Movers & Shakers: May 30, 2014

Botswana: DCI -0.39%, USD 2.68m

Letshego (5.2m shares), Sechaba (288k shares) and Stanchart (413k shares) completely dominated activity as total value traded amounted to USD 2.68m.

Egypt: Closed today.

Kenya: NSE 20 -0.28%, USD 15.4m

Another large day in Nairobi from an activity point of view with value traded amounting to $15.4m with foreign investors accounting for 64.5% of turnover. EABL dominated activity thanks to a large foreign cross as a total of 1.58m shares traded with the brewer gaining 3.3%. Foreign purchases drove EQBNK 1.8% higher as a total of 8.63m shares traded capping an upbeat performance for the week which saw the bank announce more detailed plans to launch mobile payments by issuing customers with an ultra-slim SIM card that would sit on the back of normal SIM cards. KNCB on the other hand was relatively quiet (compared to EQBNK) as 1.96m shares traded. Foreigners dominated purchases in Safcom, but the name still closed -0.4% lower on 16.3m shares. Inflation for May increased to 7.30% compared to 6.41% in April.

Mauritius: Semdex -0.38%, USD 2.98m

It was a solid enough day to end the week in Port Louis as value traded amounted to USD 2.98m thanks to a large cross of 100k SWAN at Rs298. NMH and MCB were relatively active as 163k shares and 59k shares traded in the names respectively while activity in SBM was fairly dull as 8.7m shares traded.

Nigeria: ASI +2.95%, USD 74.2m

Another day characterised by massive crosses in tier-1 banking stocks and some of the big consumer names as total value traded amounted to $74.2m. The main drivers behind turnover came in the form of GTB ($16.72m), NB ($12.27m), Zenith ($11.34m), Access ($4.61m) and FBNH ($3.40m). Banks managed to reverse the weeks earlier losses and close firmly on the front foot with the Index gaining +4.36% thanks to tier-1 banks Zenith (+5.70%), FBNH (+5.52%) and GTB (+5.02%). Consumers (+1.32%) also had a good day thanks to Flour Mills (+5.00%) and Unilever (+3.74%). Dangote Cement was also strong and gained +3.52%.

Please note that the index figure above is correct at the time of writing.

Zimbabwe: Industrials +0.48%, USD 1.79m

Not a bad end to the week as value traded amounted to USD 1.79m but this was heavily skewed towards a cross in Delta ($1.63m) while only 26k Econet traded. The market closed the day higher with the Industrial Index gaining +0.48%.

  • Bermuda +1 441 278 7620
  • South Africa +27 11 268 5833